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  Speech Therapy

Speech–language pathologists assess and treat individuals from children to

adults with communication difficulties. These include understanding, expressing,

pronunciation difficulties, voice difficulties, fluency and nasalized speech.

They may also work with people who have feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Speech–language pathologists work collaboratively with patients, families

and related professionals to ensure patient’s needs are been addressed holistically.


In HUKM, management of clients were accustomed by their individual

and personal needs. The speech-language pathologists in HUKM also work

collaboratively with other professionals in HUKM in specific clinics such as

Feeding Clinic, Voice Clinic and Early Intervention Clinic.


They also work with with other professionals to perform specific assessments such as

Videofluroscopy or Swallowing (VFSS) with the Radiologists and Flexible Endoscopic

Examination for Swallowing (FEES) with the ENT Specialists.



Most sessions are done individually. However, clients may receive group therapy as needed.



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